32nd anniversary of cameraman Lederer’s killing by Serb sniper marked

ZAGREB, 10 Aug (Hina) – A commemoration was held outside Hrvatska Kostajnica on Thursday to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the death of HTV cameraman Gordan Lederer, who was killed while on a journalistic assignment by a Serb sniper in 1991.
Lederer was killed on Čukur Hill on 10 August 1991 while filming Croatian defenders. He left behind many documentary recordings about the first days of the Homeland War.
Addressing today’s ceremony, War Veterans’ Affairs Minister Tomo Medved said that Lederer gave his life for the truth.
“He was not only a cameraman, he was one of us, our friend and our support,” Medved said.
We were aware of his role in informing the world about the truth on the Great Serbia aggression and contributing to the international recognition of Croatia, said the minister.
The commemoration was held by the monument erected in 2015 at the site where Lederer lost his life on Čukur Hill overlooking Hrvatska Kostajnica.
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