A reception is organized for the students who placed third in the world in the justice competition

The Faculty of Law today organized the reception ceremony for the students of this faculty, who took third place in the world in the “Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot” competition, held in Vienna, Austria.

In his speech, the dean of this faculty, Avni Puka, said that the representation of the University of Prishtina among the most prestigious universities in the world is a message for other students.

He also announced that the Faculty of Law is preparing a team that will be part of the simulation of the International Criminal Court in Germany.

“Representing the University of Prishtina, the Faculty of Law, in relation to the most prestigious university, with the colleagues who are here who are also the reason why we are so happy, but also motivated, give a powerful message to all the students that are here, and above all, for the students that we will receive this year, you are the main part, the best graduates study in the Faculty of Law in recent years. In recent years, as a Faculty of Law, we have been permanently represented in three prestigious competitions”, he said.

Meanwhile, the team of students said that the success is not only theirs, but that of the entire Faculty of Law.

Participant Rea Hadri said that the success is not only theirs but the entire Faculty’s.

“This success is not only our team’s, it belongs to the entire Faculty of the University of Prishtina and all Albanians”

Dea Fetiu said that it is a special feeling to return to UP (University of Prishtina).

“For us, it feels very special to return to the small amphitheater, which is the same hall where we first ran to be admitted to the VIS. We are extremely happy that we made everyone happy,” she said.

Meanwhile, Melisë Sejdiu said that she is very optimistic about the teams going to the next year and that they are ready to help them.

“Willem C Vis International Arbitration Moot” is an international commercial arbitration competition and is considered the largest justice competition in the world.

400 teams of law students participated in this competition, from the world’s most prestigious universities such as: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton, Duke, LSE, and hundreds of other universities.