Water policy needs to be redesigned, Environment Commissioner says

Water policy needs to be redesigned, Environment Commissioner says

Cyprus` water policy needs to be redesigned, Environment Commissioner Ioanna Panayiotou has said, noting that the island`s problem in this era of climate change is not just one of water but also one of the economic growth model followed.

Panayiotou was addressing a press conference on Monday in the context of an awareness campaign on how to manage water resources in an era of climate change.

The campaign will include public presentations in all districts, presentations in schools, an environmental competition for young people between the ages of 15 to 25 and a special stakeholders event.

According to the Environment Commissioner, “Cyprus` problem demands a holistic – sustainable management (political, economic, social and environmental) and should be dealt with in such a manner.”

“Adjusting water resources management to climate change calls for a redesign of water policy”, she said, adding that policies should also adapt to climate change facts.

This, she noted, should include a possible change of the growth model followed so that economic activities will not lead to overburdening the capabilities of water systems.

Water demand should adapt to the limited natural supply, she said.

In our view, Cyprus should adopt and implement the principles and methods of sustainable developments and the so called `green` economy, she added.

The campaign is organised by the Commissioner`s office, the European University, the Water Development Department and is supported by the Association of Scientists & Environmental Engineers.