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US citizens from Israel arrive at Limassol port on Tuesday

The cruise ship Rhapsody of the Seas is at the port of Haifa for the embarkation of US nationals and their transfer to the port of Limassol.

The cruise ship is expected to arrive in Limassol on Tuesday morning, Foreign Ministry spokesman Theodoros Gotsis told CNA, explaining that the exact time of arrival depends on the boarding process.

Asked whether the ship will carry only Americans, he recalled that the route is organised by the US Embassy in Nicosia, in cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus and concerns mainly US nationals, without excluding the possibility that arrangements have been made to transport nationals of other countries as well.

With regard to the accommodation of the approximately 2,500 persons estimated to arrive at the port of Limassol until their return to their country, Gotsis said that arrangements had been made for their accommodation in government facilities.

Meanwhile, tight security measures are being taken and are expected to be taken tomorrow at the Limassol port, with the police keeping mum on the operational plan to be followed, as police sources told CNA that these are security issues that do not need to be made public.