UPDATED Raed Arafat announces 145 admitted to hospital following fire

UPDATED Raed Arafat announces 145 admitted to hospital following fire

The head of the Department for Emergency Situations of the Interior Ministry, Raed Arafat, has announced that currently 145 persons have been admitted following the powerful fire that took place on Friday night in the Colectiv club in the Capital.

He stated that Floreasca Hospital admitted 50 persons, the Burn Victims Hospital — 27, Elias Hospital — 4, Military Hospital — 4, St. Pantelimon — 3, Ilfov County Hospital — 1, St. John — 9, Bagdasar Hospital — 24, Municipal Hospital — 16, and Coltea Hospital — 7 persons.

He mentioned that part of the wounded reached the hospital in private cars or in taxis.

“At this moment, part of the persons admitted, those taken by ambulance especially, are in grave condition and required intubation, reason for which we needed to relocate ventilators to said hospitals”, Raed Arafat added.

According to information provided by the authorities, the death toll following the fire is of 26 dead.

He explained that at this moment a code red plan is in effect, a plan that comes into effect at the Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU) and the Interior Ministry when multiple victim accidents occur, especially if the accident has more victims than first response capacity. In such cases more forces are mobilized.

“There are very many victims who have reached hospitals, many have reached it on their own. It’s a normal thing in situations such as this. We are done now at the scene, we will settle matters in hospitals, offer support to hospitals that are overcrowded, move wounded from those hospitals to others”, he added.

According to the Interior Ministry, the fire started at around 23.00 on Friday evening.

The subsequent intervention saw the participation of over 60 emergency situation units (ambulances, firetrucks, emergency extrication units), as well as of crews from ISU Bucharest, together with police and gendarmes. Furthermore, a mobile hospital was deployed at the scene by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

The fire started, according to witnesses, due to pyrotechnic effects set off during a concert.

According to the Facebook page of the club, it was to play host on Friday evening to the launching of an album by band Goodbye to Gravity. The organizers announced a custom light show, as well as a pyrotechnical display. More…