PM Ciolos announces replacement of four ministers

PM Ciolos announces replacement of four ministers

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos discharged on Tuesday four ministers: Dan Costescu (Transports), Marius Bostan (Communications), Adrian Curaj (Education) and Dan Stoenescu (Minister-Delegate for Relations with Romanians Abroad.

“After a preparation period, the Government enters a new stage, of results delivery (…) I have decided today to operate some changes in the Government. (…) I want to thank ministers Adrian Curaj, Dan Costescu, Marius Bostan and Dan Stoenescu”, the premier said in a media briefing at the Victoria Palace.

Ciolos announced he will nominate on Wednesday Marius Dumitru as Minister of Education, Sorin Buse as Minister of Transport, Maria Ligor as Minister-Delegate for Relations with Romanians Abroad (head of the relevant department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and the head of his Chancellery, Dragos Tudorache, as interim Minister of Communications and for Information Society.

The prime minister explained his decision as a way to “breath new life” into his team.

“The ministers I am replacing also mostly did their job. In all the four ministries (…) there are things that advanced well; it’s just (…) I want a new impetus, a new impulse. The priority of the new ministers in the four fields will be (…) to accelerate the delivery of results in projects already started, which from my point of view did not advance quick enough. Do on one hand, the acceleration of these projects, and on the other hand, I want new people to come with new breath, with a slightly different approach, which should allow using our remaining time for some things to which the Government has committed,” he said. More…