UNFICYP demining team starts work in buffer zone

UNFICYP demining team starts work in buffer zone

An UNFICYP 20- strong team from Cambodia has started conducting a final technical survey and mine clearance of a mine hazard area in the buffer zone, north of Mammari village in Nicosia district.

UNFICYP`s spokesperson Louise Barber has told CNA, results are expected in the coming months since the project runs until the end of August.

The deployment follows an initial assessment by the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) in February 2015 and a further survey by experts from UNIFIL in April 2015, which showed that mines have been displaced into this part of the buffer zone by winter floods.

Members of the public continue to be urged to maintain a safe distance from the hazard area, to obey the mine warning signs and comply with UNFICYP’s instructions.

Throughout this period, UNFICYP will continue to conduct patrols to ensure safety and security around the hazard area.