UK: Now not the time to ease pressure on Moscow

UK: Now not the time to ease pressure on Moscow

The Foreign Office in London has stressed the importance of maintaining EU unity against the course of action undertaken by Russia in Ukraine.

Asked by the Cyprus News Agency to comment on the agreement signed between Cyprus and Russia which allows Russian navy ships to use Cypriot ports, a Foreign Office spokesperson said that access to Cypriot ports is a matter for the Cypriot authorities. “But as the Cypriot President has made clear: ‘the use of Limassol port would not be for military purposes’,” they added.

A CNA source had commented earlier that the agreement is set in the context of the current concerns regarding Russian policy over Ukraine. The Foreign Office spokesperson noted that in the face of Russian aggression it is important to maintain EU unity. “We have been clear that as long as Russia continues to illegally destabilise a neighbour, it cannot be business as usual. That is why the UK has pushed for tough sanctions and they are working. Now is not the time to ease the pressure on Moscow.”

London considers a measure of Russia’s willingness to ease tensions its behaviour towards the agreement signed in Belarus aiming at ceasing fire in eastern Ukraine. The spokesperson described the fulfillment of “all of Russia’s commitments” under the Minsk Agreement as “imperative”.

“We and our EU partners have been clear that there needs to see actions not just words,” added the Foreign Office spokesperson.