UK concerned about Cyprus-Russia agreement

UK concerned about Cyprus-Russia agreement

The agreement signed between the Presidents of Russia and Cyprus in Moscow which allows Russian navy ships to use Cypriot ports has caused concern in London, according to CNA sources.

“Our basic position is that this is a matter for Cyprus. It is however set in the context of our current concern regarding Russia’s policy over Ukraine,” said a Foreign Office official.

London stresses that the European Union position on Russia’s actions in Ukraine is clear. “We acknowledge the unity which Cyprus has demonstrated with the EU on this,” said the official, and added: “In light of the current problems it is not the time to extend a hand of friendship to Russia, until it shows willingness to fulfill the Minsk agreement.”

Referring to the agreement signed in the Belarusian capital aiming at a ceasefire in Ukraine’s east, the official repeated that the UK government insists on Russia demonstrating its commitment to it “before we start normalising relations.”

Meanwhile, British MPs have described the Cypriot-Russian agreement as “worrying and disappointing”.