Turkish Authorities Protest Reinstatement of Disinfection Fee at Kapitan Andreevo during Peak of Seasonal Travel

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Istanbul, August 23 (BTA special by Nahide Deniz) – Turkey is unhappy with the reintroduction of mandatory disinfection for vehicles entering Bulgaria at Kapitan Andreevo in July and August, when Turkish gastarbeiters return to European countries via Bulgaria. “Bulgaria makes the largest profits during these two months because it forces gastarbeiters and their vehicles to undergo disinfection and the fees are collected in the coffers,” the customs authorities in Kapikule said.
According to the Bulgarian side, Agriculture Minister Dessislava Taneva ordered the disinfection in July because of the complex epizootic situation in Turkey and the outbreak of brucellosis and anthrax.
The Turkish authorities deny the outbreak.
According to figures provided by the Edirne Regional Directorate of Customs and Trade since the beginning of August some 112,000 vehicles passed from Kapikule to Kapitan Andreevo. The customs authorities said that the receipts for Bulgaria were significant. MORE