TUBA Fest in Rozafa castle, the Albanian tradition of music with a modern touch

Shkodra welcomes this weekend TUBA festival which is organized in addition to many cultural and sports activities.

The first night of the activity attracted many citizens, especially young people, who danced to the sounds of music.

The event which was organized in the venues of the castle featured pieces from of the local musical heritage and beyond.

Young people had the opportunity to soak up the lively atmosphere on a special evening of September, even though the summer season is already over.

Shkodra Municipality accepted the request of the organizers and offered cooperation for staging this cultural event that enriches the life of the city and promotes it, especially among young people.

This two-day music festival in the Castle of Shkodra features live performances by the well-known Albanian artists and bands.

In partnership with the “New Vision” organization and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and a number of private enterprises, TUBA Fest showcases the Albanian tradition of music and time between friends, but now with a modern touch.

TUBA Fest continues even today in Rozafa Castle in Shkodra.