Traditional Iconographic Gathering at Bachkovo Monastery Opens with Exhibition of Icons, Miniature Carvings

An exhibition of icons and unique miniature carvings marked the beginning of the traditional iconographic gathering at Bachkovo Monastery. This year, it is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the restoration of the Bulgarian Patriarchate and the 630th anniversary of the fall of Tarnovo and the exile of Patriarch Euthymius in Bachkovo Monastery. The organizer of the event is the Bulgarian iconographic association.
Every year, people who work in the field of church art – carvers, miniaturists, icon painters, muralists – gather in the monastery, and each one presents what they have made during the year, said Yordan Ivanov, chairman of the Bulgarian iconographic association. According to him, this year has brought together one of the most interesting and rich exhibitions. Apart from the established names in iconography, there are also capable young people who are making efforts to develop, Ivanov said.
Guests at the event, which will run until August 27, will be able to see the newly painted refectory and the new All Saints’ chapel in the monastery. They will have the opportunity to attend daily mass. Several artists will paint an icon in the church before the visitors, and then donate it to the monastery. A carver and a miniaturist will also show off their work on site.