Third edition of The Jazz Cave festival, in Ialomitei Cave

Targoviste, July 5 /Agerpres/ – The third edition of the “The Jazz Cave” festival will take place between August 16-18, in the Ialomitei Cave, with acclaimed bands from Romania and abroad being invited to the event.
“The Jazz Cave Festival, an event that aims to restore the organic connection between man, sound and the elements of nature, will take place between August 16 and 18, 2023 and will include jazz concerts, but also other musical styles, traveling exhibitions and hiking to the Pestera – Padina tourist resort. (…) The third edition of The Jazz Cave Festival will take place in Ialomitei Cave and will pay tribute to the diversity of the art of improvisational sounds through a complex three-day program of recitals performed by acclaimed bands from Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Azerbaijan, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, but also from the USA and Japan,” reads a release sent to AGERPRES.
This year’s edition of The Jazz Cave brings a first, namely a second stage, on which part of the concerts will take place – Zanoaga Dreamland.
“Located in the Zanoaga mountain campsite, a few hundred meters from the Ialomitei Cave, the Zanoaga Dreamland stage will host the concerts of musicians stylistically situated at the confluence of jazz and contemporary music, as well as jam sessions between guest artists and amateur musicians from the public, creating a atmosphere of connection, amplified by the natural setting of the mountain. The stage is designed in such a way as to respect and instill respect for nature and for people, the music being carefully chosen so as to add more emotion to the space”, states the quoted source.
In addition to the concerts, the Salvamont Salvaspeo Dambovita Team will organize a series of information and training sessions for the participants of the Zanoaga Dreamland events, “touching on aspects such as preventive behavior in mountain hiking, first aid measures and orientation”.
The concert program and other news are updated on the Facebook page  and on the Instagram page .
The event is organized by the UCIMR Association – the Romanian Musicians’ Interpretive Creation Union, in partnership with Excess Music and in collaboration with several institutions, organizations and companies, being co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration. AGERPRES