The story of the athlete Grevist Bytyqi, from a serious life accident to aiming for a medal in Paris

From August 28 to September 8 this year, Kosovo will also participate in the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. In athletics, our country will be represented there by the athlete from Malisheva, Grevist Bytyqi.

Preparations for participation in this very important competition are already at the highest intensity with Bytyqi who, together with his coach Ardian Mazreku, are working with the greatest dedication.

But Grevist’s story is not like any other. At the age of 11, he was struck by a serious accident that left him without his right hand.

He admits that this made it difficult for him to continue, but his great will made him continue to pursue his dream.

“To tell the truth, it has been very difficult, but with great will, the support of the family, the coach, they have never left me aside and I have reached this far”, says Bytyqi.

Now that Grevist has faced all the challenges, he goes to Paris with a big goal.

“Preparations are going very well, we are training twice a day… The motivation is great because we have been waiting for this opportunity for eight years, we are preparing to go now to the Paris 2024 games and we hope to have the best possible result… I have a lot of faith, especially in Professor Ardian who does a tireless job for me and the whole club. The competition is strong, but we will try, we hope we will succeed”, said Bytyqi.

On the other hand, the Bytyqi coach, Adrian Mazreku, has announced that in the Paralympic Games, he will face a very strong competition.

“We were in a qualifying competition that was in Dubai in February and there we made the official classification for Grevist who will compete in the T46 category because it has different specifications, they are divided into many categories, therefore, Grevist will be in category 46 where the competition is quite strong and tough… Anyway, we will be there and we will do our best, but the competition has its impact”, emphasized Mazreku.

But, he admits that Grevist has a very high motivation, which he says that if other athletes had, they would achieve peak results in athletics.

In the end, Mazreku added that the games in Paris will not bring the end of Bytyqi’s career, since with the physique he has, he can participate in many international competitions in the coming years.