The report with amendments for the promotion of renewable energy sources is approved

The Commission on the Rights and Interests of Communities and Returns, with seven votes in favor and three abstentions, approved the report with amendments of the functional Commission for the Draft Law for the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources. There were no discussions about this report by the members of this Commission.

Meanwhile, the first deputy chairman of this Commission, Hydajet Hyseni Kaloshi, proposed that within the framework of visits to the community, the Commission should also visit the Bosnian community. The deputy from the non-majority ranks, Enis Kervan, disagreed with this.

“Visits to different communities, since we have had such meetings, we think it is good to plan the next visit as well. I would propose that this time we communicate with the Bosnian community”, he said.

The MP from the ranks of the Turkish community, Enis Kervan, commented on this proposal. He proposed that the visits be made institutionally, in those municipalities, as he said, where the communities are located.

“I think it is not right to meet with the communities, but with the institutions. Therefore, we have started with the municipality of Gjilan. I propose that the next meeting be in Prizren, Lipjan. In every municipality there are Commissions for communities. So, in every municipality, the non-majority communities are included and we can institutionally understand what they are doing in terms of law enforcement. Therefore, we have not had meetings with the communities, this initiative is not bad, but now it is required to meet with each community. So it is better institutionally in those municipalities where the communities are”, emphasized Kervan.