The interest of companies in Europe for qualified workers in Kosovo is increasing

Kosovo is becoming an attractive place for qualified workers from various European companies. There has been an increase in the number of employers from various European countries who are looking for workers in our country, through electronic competitions. The number of job vacancies announced by private companies and various public institutions in Kosovo is also constantly increasing.

This was announced by the founder of the “KosovaJob” platform, Arion Rizaj, while he says that it is expected that in the coming years the competition of applicants will not remain only in local situations. Meanwhile, sociologists and experts in human resources are considering that the announcement of competitions through various portals and websites have significantly improved the way of applying for jobs.

In addition, Rizaj points out that the number of competitions announced by companies from different European countries is increasing.

Alidemaj emphasizes that the announcement of competitions through various portals and websites have improved the situation with employment, because according to him, thanks to technology and social networks, people have the opportunity to apply for a job much more easily.

Meanwhile, sociologist Dhurata Prokshi points out that despite the increase in the number of tender announcements, the private sector still lags behind in improving working conditions, raising standards and implementing contracts for workers’ rights.

In recent years, the Kosovo market has faced a shortage of workers, especially in the private sector.