The continuation of Lajcak’s mandate is not expected to produce progress in the dialogue

Despite the tenure of the EU emissary for dialogue, Miroslav Lajçak, until January 2025 and his visit to Kosovo yesterday, expectations for progress in this process are few. According to the chief negotiator of Kosovo in the dialogue, Besnik Bislimi, the implementation of the Brussels agreement and the Ohrid annex does not depend on Kosovo, but on the destructiveness of Serbia. Implementation of the Basic Agreement during Lajcak’s mandate is not expected even from the two largest opposition parties, PDK and LDK.

Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi said that they do not know if there will be progress in the dialogue in the following months, but he added that the situation will now be more complicated due to the conditionality for the disbursement of funds from the EU Growth Fund with the constructiveness of the dialogue parties.

This, as Bislimi said, will be done by Lajçak’s assessment.

PDK MP Blerta Deliu is pessimistic about progress in the dialogue. She tells KosovaPress that the country has regressed in this process and that now mutual recognition is not being discussed at all. According to her, now more is being discussed about autonomy in the north and this, as she declares, is a failure of the Kurti government.

Meanwhile, the LDK MP, Rrezarta Krasniqi, declares for KosovaPress that despite the continuation of Lajçak’s mandate as mediator in the dialogue, the implementation of the agreement by the parties will be incomplete.

According to her, Prime Minister Kurti has degraded this process, as he considers that internal issues of Kosovo are also being discussed.

The EU emissary for dialogue, Miroslav Lajçak, stayed in Kosovo yesterday, where he was received in a meeting by Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi.

After the meeting, Lajcak said that the high representative of the EU, Josep Borrell, has asked him to stay in the position of emissary until January 2025.

In addition, his focus during this period will be the implementation of the basic agreement of Brussels and Ohrid.