The Chamber of Trade organizes the Regular Work Assembly, the change of some laws is required

The Chamber of Trade and Industry Kosova (CTIK) has organized the Regular Work Assembly, where the Annual Work Report for 2023, the Work Plan for 2024, the Financial Report, Budget Planning were discussed, as well as the current problems with which the business committee is facing, including the legal infrastructure.

The President of the Chamber of Trade and Industry Kosova, Skënder Krasniqi, said that honesty, integrity, financial responsibility, networking, partnership and communication in a clear and effective manner will continue to be the main values of CTIK.

“Krasniqi in this Assembly also raised the challenge of the departure of qualified citizens as a result of the lack of family insurance with low wages, health insurance and insurance in case of unemployment and/or unemployment, which is expected to cause almost irreparable damage” it is stated in the announcement issued by CTIK.

Krasniqi reiterated the necessary requirements for changes in laws such as:

  1. Labor law;
  2. Law on Internal Trade;
  3. Reduction of VAT on food to 5%;
  4. Reduction of VAT to 6% for hotel accommodation;
  5. Support with 10% of local products in purchases in markets;
  6. Support with 10% in export for the products we export;
  7. Support in increasing the number of employees and creating a real investment offer;
  8. Improvement of fiscal policies such as payment of VAT in collection and within the country, not at Customs;
  9. The creation of strategic products in agriculture and the reorientation of grants and subsidies as a result of this;
  10. Creation of a real economic development strategy, which the Government lacks in business investment orientation, etc.

Krasniqi also said that the improvement of these laws enables them to work more and in an easier way.

The Executive Director of the Chamber of Trade and Industry Kosova, Zana Beqiri, presented the plan for 2024, which was described as an ambitious plan.

While the presentation of the Financial Report of CTIK was made by the Secretary of the Board Shyqiri Bytyqi who at the same time took the opportunity to discuss with the representatives of businesses some of the barriers that are being presented to you with the legislation in force, emphasizing especially the changes in the Law on the Administration of Tax Procedures.

“Legal expert of the Chamber of Trade Prof.Dr. Mazllum Baraliu emphasized that CTIK with inputs from businesses has forwarded in time the recommendations which had to be incorporated into the Law on the Administration of Tax Procedures. During this Assembly, the proposal for new members of the Board was also made, where with a majority of votes in favor, the proposal was approved that Agon Makolli from the business “Rikon” and Aida Selimi from the business “Link Insurance” be part of the Board of CTIK”, the announcement states.

In the Assembly, an open discussion was held with the members, who had the opportunity to raise issues that present barriers in their daily work.

On this occasion, the representative of the “United Brothers” business, Faton Hyseni, proposed that, in cooperation with member businesses and economic organizations, pressure should be put to the competent bodies in order to facilitate doing business in the country.

Meanwhile, lawyer Agron Selimaj from the business “Selimaj Legal Counsalting”, emphasized that regarding the laws which are already in force, they should see other ways such as judicial actions.