The appointment of the new coach, Analysts: He must have authority in front of the players

The Kosovo national football team already has a new coach. The Austrian, Framco Foda, will be in charge of the Dardans for the next two years.

On this occasion, football analysts have called for the new coach to bring order and have authority in front of the players.

Coach Gani Sejdiu told KosovaPress that the new coach of Kosovo must have the ability to bring out the best from the footballers, but also to establish order and discipline.

On the other hand, football analyst Alban Lumi has stated that what Kosovo needs is the compactness of the group, as this has been missing under the guidance of the coaches so far.

In addition, coach Sejdiu has called that as an example to be successful, the work that is being done in the Albanian National Team by the Brazilian coach, Silvinjo, should be taken.

Both Sejdiu and Lumi have expressed their conviction that with the new coach, the Kosovo National Team will succeed in the League of Nations group stage matches that will take place from September this year.