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Support by some European states to far-right movements ‘disgraceful’: Turkish President Erdogan

It is “disgraceful and scandalous for Western democracies” that far-right movements in some European countries have been receiving state support, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday.

“The fact that far-right movements are supported by the state itself in some European countries is a tragedy, disgraceful and scandalous for Western democracies,” Erdogan said in a speech at the International Democratic Union Capacity Building and Training Workshop in the Turkish capital Ankara.

“Today, the Neo-Nazi terrorism fueled by hatred against Turkish and Muslim (people) has reached levels that threaten the lives and property of our people,” Erdogan added.

He stressed that Türkiye cannot remain silent in the face of “heinous” acts of racist terrorism, pointing to the killing of dozens of Turkish nationals abroad.

Lamenting that instances of Islamophobic and racist attacks have not been given the same sensitivity afforded antisemitic acts, he asserted that those who “issue human rights report cards left and right watched as 35,000 Palestinians, including 15,000 children, lost their lives.”

Almost no Western leader has responded to this brutality, save for “a few conscientious statesmen,” said the Turkish leader, adding: “No brave soul has emerged to tell Israel, ‘Enough is enough’.”

Reaffirming Türkiye’s commitment to maintaining attention on Israel’s “genocide” on the people of Gaza despite pressure by the “global Zionist lobby,” he said it was “no coincidence” that there has recently been an increase in “campaigns targeting us and our country.”

“These campaigns have but one goal: To silence us and Türkiye,” he said.

Ankara is closely watching the “hypocritical policies” of Western leaders who have been “lecturing” the country on democracy and freedom, Erdogan also said, pointing to the silence of these leaders on Israel’s “massacres” in Gaza.

Türkiye rejects antisemitism in same way it opposes Islamophobia, xenophobia and all forms of cultural racism, he stressed.