State Audit Office: 48 of 56 hospitals had a deficit of €1.2bn in 2022

ZAGREB, 14 June (Hina) – The State Audit Office has established that 48 of 56 hospitals had a cumulated deficit of close to €1.2 billion in 2022.

This deficit accounts for 43% of the hospitals’ income and receipts in 2022, Josipa Maraković, head of the State Audit Office’s public relations service said on Friday.

The State Audit Office issued 23 unqualified and 33 qualified opinions regarding the hospitals’ financial reports, as well as 20 unqualified and 36 qualified opinions regarding business compliance.

The most frequent irregularities and omissions concerned accounting and financial reporting, liabilities, deficit in income and receipts, public procurement, expenditure, planning and execution, and revenue and claims.

The audit also found that a number of hospitals applied higher-than-prescribed coefficients in salary calculation and that in almost all of the audited hospitals a significant number of employees had worked more than the allowed 180 overtime hours.