State and other stakeholders promote the use of Renewable Energy Sources

State and other stakeholders promote the use of Renewable Energy Sources

The Government as well as other private institutions and organizations are promoting the use of Renewable Energy Sources and join forces for a cleaner and healthier environment.

A press conference was given on Wednesday on the occasion of the 11th exhibition “SAVENERGY 2015” which will take place 18 -20 September. In their speeches all the participants stressed the need to use alternative energy sources.

Deputy Director of the Energy Department at the Ministry of Energy Constantinos Xicheilos in his address said state strategy is based on three main pillars, the use of Renewable Energy Sources, energy saving and the use of natural gas for the needs of the internal market.

Referring to the use of Renewable Energy Sources, Xicheilos said that their share in gross final energy consumption in the country in 2014 was 8.7% whereas the target for 2015-2016 set by the relevant European Directive is 7.45%.

The national target for RES share is 13% by 2020.

According to Xicheilos, Cyprus today operates six wind parks with a total installed capacity of 157.5 MW, a large number of small and large photovoltaic systems, with a total installed capacity of 71 MW, as well as 10 plants of Biomass of total capacity of 10.7 MW.

He added that the Ministry in cooperation with the CERA promotes net metering projects for the housing sector and self-production for businesses, which will continue to operate in the coming years.

He pointed out that on August 4th, the maximum demand for electricity in Cyprus was 1013MW, and the Renewable Energy Sources contributed a total of 90MW of which 50MW came from Photovoltaic systems.

He also referred to the various projects and plans the Ministry is promoting for energy savings for households and businesses, co-financed by the EU Structural Funds.

Deputy Director General of Electricity Authority Antonis Patsalis in his speech said that EAC promotes activities which are aimed in growing energy awareness among consumers. According to Patsalis, during the SAVENERGY exhibition, EAC will present three new schemes, namely Service e-charge, research SmartPV work and the web app for Energy Saving Social Electricity.

Director General of Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) Michalis Pilikos said that SAVENERGY has established itself as the most important trade event in Cyprus which deals with the promotion of products and services for energy saving purposes. He referred to the various government schemes with promote the investment of technologies in renewable energy sources. He added that the funding can sometimes reach 75% of the investment.

Pilikos also said that during the exhibition various products and services will be presented which include integrated energy upgrade buildings proposals, heating and cooling systems with the use of Renewable Energy Sources, Photovoltaic and Wind Systems, Solar, Thermal Insulation Materials etc.
Along with “SAVENERGY 2015” OEB is organizing the 8th Exhibition “ENVIROTEC 2015” which aims to promote and advertise products and services that protect the environment or save and improve water quality.

During the two Exhibitions, awards will be given to households and industries for Energy Conservation.