Six benches from tin cans to feature in public areas in Pafos

Six benches from tin cans to feature in public areas in Pafos

Michalis Papamichael is an artist engaged in transforming obsolete objects into art objects, by giving them new life. He is taking part in the “ReBench” project of the organisation European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017, where he is expected to construct six benches from tin cans, to be placed in public areas.

The first of the six is expected to be ready by February 2016.

Speaking to CNA, Papamichael said that the tin cans will be used in a utilitarian and environmental manner, in order to build the six benches.

The idea has arisen from the need to find different uses for obsolete objects, like tin cans, which were reused for a different purpose than their original, he noted.

According to Papamichael, the installation of these benches in public areas and their use by the people aims at raising environmental awareness, urging the public to reuse objects in order to save energy and natural resources for future generations.

The colourful creations, apart from their decorative use, will also try to reshape peoples` idea of what is waste.

The benches will be installed with the participation of school pupils from Pafos, in 2016 and 2017.



** The report is in the context of the project Rethink: Reduce- Reuse – Recycle which is funded by the EU programme LIFE+ (project code: LIFE13 INF/CY/000910) of the EU. Coordinating Beneficiary: CyBC. Partners: Green Dot Cyprus, Department of Environment, Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, CNA, Fost Plus Belgium **