Sejko in the meeting with bank managers: Reforms have consolidated financial health of economy

The Bank of Albania held a roundtable discussion on Thursday with the Board of Directors of the Albanian Association of Banks and managers of second-level banks.

According to the official announcement of the Bank of Albania, the meeting was held at the initiative and under the direction of the Governor of BoA, Gent Sejko, in the framework of building a continuous dialogue with the banking system, as well as intensifying cooperation on issues of high importance.

During the meeting, the Bank of Albania made an assessment of the financial situation in the country, the developments of this period and the challenges going forward.

Governor Sejko said that, “the Albanian economy is financially sound, thanks to the continuous improvements in the external sector, bringing under control the public debt and the operational flexibility as well as healthy balance sheets of the Albanian business.”

Likewise, the banking sector is presented with healthy balance sheets and a high degree of resilience to potential shocks.

This resilience reflects its stable business model, high degree of liquidity and satisfactory level of capitalization.

This sector, as a whole, shows an increased prudence and proactive approach to lending to the economy.

“The Bank of Albania remains confident that the banking sector will continue to support the Albanian economy with funds and loans, during 2023 and beyond,” said Governor Sejko.