Schinas: New EU-Egypt deal could lead to seven-billion-euro package for migration

It would be reasonable to expect a funding package for migration that exceeds seven billion euros with the new EU-Egypt agreement that is to be discussed in Cairo on Sunday, European Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas said in response to questions on Friday regarding the visit to Egypt by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the prime ministers of Greece, Italy and Belgium.

Speaking at the archaeological site at Aiges, in response to questions regarding migration flows to Crete and the talks that will be held in Egypt, Schinas noted that Crete had come under increased migration pressure from Libya in recent weeks, though migration flows to SE Europe as a whole had improved.

He noted that the European Commission was monitoring the matter closely and was in direct contact with Greek authorities, and prepared to provide assistance wherever it is needed, for as long as this situation lasts.

Schinas highlighted the importance of von der Leyen’s visit to Egypt, saying this would lead to a major EU-Egypt agreement for the joint management of migration flows, including the flows to Crete. He noted that Egypt was a very important partner in the management of migration, with zero departures from Egypt to Europe, though there was an issue at the borders of Egypt and Libya, via which migration to Crete took place. He appeared confident that the new EU-Egypt agreement will tackle the problem at its root.