“Romania’s New Wave” launches in Chisinau

“Romania’s New Wave” launches in Chisinau

The Romanian and English versions of “Romania’s New Wave” were launched in Chisinau, Moldova, on Monday, at the University of European Studies, in the presence of book coordinators Marius Stoian and Bogdan Gavrila, and also of some of the the authors.

The event is part of the “Romania’s New Wave — Duster Caravan,” which plans to release the book at large university centres of Romania and Moldova.

According to the authors, the book represents the first platform of Romania gathering the youth vision of the Generation Y on the future, focused around the interest in the newest global topics, such as democratisation of knowledge, digital currency, innovation in the energy area, digital governance and creativity, the new trend in culture, alternative education and transforming education through design, space exploration and colonisation, as well as vulnerable communities.

“‘Romania’s New Wave’ is connected to the global knowledge and debate networks, and the work has generated a digital community, #noulval (the new wave), with over 5,000 members, which the youth of the Republic of Moldova can access. It is, if you wish, the chance for a re-encounter in a common area — the digital space — and for a new adaptation and connection to the Euro-Atlantic values,” Stoian explained.

In his turn, Gavrila told the young students attending the launch about network literacy, as a component defining the digital citizen. “Today’s technology educates the values of our generation. We are digital citizens, we express ourselves on the same platform,” said Gavrila. More…