BANJALUKA, June 5 /SRNA/ – The Republika Srpska Government has concluded that the positions and suggestions of the relevant line ministries in the Republika Srpska Government must be fully recognised during development of the final version of the preliminary draft reform agenda for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Reviewing this document, the Government has pointed out that prior to signing the document, it is necessary that the BiH Parliamentary Assembly reconsiders and assesses the decision and ratification of the Agreement on loan for business environment development policy between BiH and the World Bank, given the fact that the underlying loan funds are intended to be used to support the reform processes that the governments of Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH have already implemented. 

The Government has stated this is a prerequisite to unblock funds belonging to the budget, i.e. the citizens of Republika Srpska, in the amount of BAM 35 million, based on the business registration reform implemented by the Government. 

The Government has concluded in a session that the establishment of a new working group to create a coordination mechanism without prior statement of the Council of Ministers on a previous Proposal, still to date, made by the Working Group established by the Council of Ministers in October 2012, is unacceptable. 

The Government has noted that the existing proposal on coordination mechanism was supported by the Government and National Assembly of Republika Srpska on two occasions. 

Also, the Republika Srpska Government requests the Council of Ministers to inform it on the reasons for the possible rejection of the current proposal on coordination mechanism in the field of European integration of BiH. 

The Republika Srpska Government considers unilateral action of the Council of Ministers unacceptable when it comes to development of integration programme and repeats its commitment to a partnership atmosphere with all levels of government in BiH, works to meet the requirements of the European agenda and calls on the partnership, agreement, consultations and cooperation regarding the next steps to be taken on European path. /end/ vos