Rate of inflation decreases by -1.4% in February

Rate of inflation decreases by -1.4% in February

The rate of inflation for February 2015 decreased by -1.4% compared to -1.3% in January 2015 and -2.6% in February 2014, according to the Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus.

The announcement of the Services noted that the Consumer Price Index for February 2015 increased by 0,50 units or 0.44% to 114,73 units compared to 114,23 in January 2015.

This is mainly due to increases in the prices of air fares, certain clothing items, certain fresh fruit and vegetables and petroleum products. A decrease has been recorded in the price of electricity.

For the period January-February 2015, the CPI recorded a decrease of -1.4% compared to the corresponding period of 2014.