Rare black flamingo spotted at Akrotiri salt lake

Rare black flamingo spotted at Akrotiri salt lake

A rare black flamingo was spotted on Wednesday at Akrotiri Salt Lake, south west of the coastal city of Limassol.

The black flamingo is thought to be the only one of its kind in the world and very few people have ever laid eyes on one, a statement issued by the Akrotiri British Bases has said.

“Experts believe the bird suffers from a highly rare condition known as ‘melanism’, a genetic irregularity that causes it to generate more melanin than usual, turning them a dark brown, or black,” it said.

The bird was last spotted in Israel in 2014 and aside from its colour, it is no different to any other flamingo seen every year within the SBAs.

Alexia Perdiou, the Sovereign Base Area Administration’s Assistant Environment Officer, said that “we are expecting a lot of visitors over the next few days and I would urge people to be very sensible about coming to see it.”

She noted that the best possible viewpoint will be through the brand new Akrotiri Environmental and Education Centre where we have a special area designed with incredible views of the salt lake.