Radovan Veljović, convicted to seven years in prison for wartime rape, sent to serve his sentence

SARAJEVO, July 21 (FENA) – Radovan Veljović, who was sentenced to seven years in prison for rape committed in May 1992 in the area of Foča, was sent to serve his sentence at the beginning of July.

Veljović was found guilty of raping the victim A-1 in the village of Điđevo in mid-May 1992, after she was taken from her home. As the Council found, he ordered the victim to go with him to another house, where he raped her while holding his hand on her throat and then threatened to kill her if she told what had happened.

With the same verdict, the Council partially accepted the injured party’s request for compensation for the mental pain suffered and ordered Veljović to pay her 32,000 KM after the verdict becomes final.

“Convicted war criminal Radovan Veljović began serving his prison sentence on July 10, 2023,” stated the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a reply to Detektor.ba.

(FENA) S. R.