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Rabije Murati, Antonio Mitrikjeski receive St. Clement of Ohrid awards for 2023

At an awards ceremony in Parliament, the 2023 St. Clement of Ohrid national awards for outstanding achievement in education, culture, arts, healthcare and environmental protection were awarded Friday to university professor Rabije Murati and filmmaker Antonio Mitrikjeski.

Murati got the award for her contribution to education and Mitrikjeski for his contribution to arts and culture.

Macedonian writer Tomislav Osmanli, St. Clement of Ohrid national award board president, handed the awards to this year’s recipients.

“I strongly believe that education, science and art can inspire and encourage people to do great things,” Mitrikjeski said, giving thanks for his award.

He also said the St. Clement of Ohrid award bound its recepients to make even greater contributions and encourage future generations to stay in the country.