Qalaj calls for the three police officers to be removed from INTERPOL’s list

The MP of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Rashit Qalaj, has called for the three officials of the elite units to be removed from the INTERPOL list. He said that the same in 2019 had used the necessary force to arrest the Russian UNMIK official.

In the plenary session, Qalaj mentioned the three police officials, for whom he requested protection.

The MP of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Rashit Qalaj, said that the news about the inclusion of three policemen in the INTERPOL list is disturbing.

“On May 28, 2019, a police operation was carried out with the aim of combating the phenomenon of smuggling, organized crime, and the involvement of some members of the Kosovo Police and some Serbian and Albanian citizens in criminal activities. The investigations were carried out for a long time by the border police investigators of the KP and the investigators of the Kosovo Police Inspectorate. At the beginning of the operation, several policemen were wounded, several policemen were injured, Kosovo Police cars were damaged, but the Kosovo Police managed at that time to unblock all the roads and arrest quite a large number of people involved in crime and of citizens who were involved in crime. At the forefront of these Serbian criminal forces and Serbian mobs was an UNMIK official from Russia and a local UNMIK official from the Serbian community, who incited the mob against the Kosovo Police by abusing the immunity they had in United Nations mission. And to make matters worse, a device was taken out of the UNMIK vehicle that was used for cutting trees, which were thrown into the barricades on the main road leading to Zubin Potok. The Russian official of the United Nations refused to be legitimized and was barricaded in the car”, he declared.

He pointed out that the Russian official was then declared non-grata by the government, which was headed by Ramush Haradinaj.