PSD’s Dragnea says new Cabinet’s list ready, partner ALDE gets four ministries

PSD’s Dragnea says new Cabinet’s list ready, partner ALDE gets four ministries

The list of the new Cabinet is ready, and it is to include eight women, while four ministries will be allocated to the ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats), on Monday night said the Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea, Speaker of the Deputies’ Chamber.

He specified that the new Cabinet’s list will be presented for approval on Tuesday in the reunion of the PSD National Executive Committee (CExN) The same will happen with ALDE that is to gather in its turn, also on Tuesday, in its leading forums.

“The list is wrapped up, as we speak I have finished the talk with Mr. Sorin Grindeanu (the Prime Minister-designate — editor’s note). I find it natural and fair — my colleagues to be the ones to learn first in the CExN (the names of the future ministers — editor’s note) and not from the media. It is the way I led the party and it is how I’m going to lead it further, with a great respect towards my party colleagues and the rules I have imposed in the party,” Dragnea told private broadcaster Romania TV.

He specified that he has completed negotiations with ALDE on Monday regarding the ministries the latter party will receive.

“We’ll meet tomorrow (Tuesday — editor’ note), they’ll voice their proposals who are to be accepted by the Prime Minister-designate, and they will learn of our proposals before the National Executive Committee (CExN) will kick off. In principle, we have had a talk with the ALDE colleagues. The negotiation with ALDE ended today (Monday — editor’s note) with the ministries they will take over, while for the ones to be administered by PSD we’ll forward our proposals tomorrow (Tuesday — editor’s note),” said the PSD chair.

When asked how many ministries will go to ALDE, Liviu Dragnea answered four.

As regards the number of women in the future government, Dragnea said that most probably eight out of over 20 will be the figure.

He confirmed that the future government’s structure will change, with new ministries to be established such as the Tourism one or the ministry of the SMEs, business milieu and entrepreneurship.

“There are a few fields I cared a lot, that will be emphasized as independent ministries, necessary fields that could determine an economic growth in that area, where there is a lot of potential and which unfortunately were placed at the category ‘miscellaneous’ (…) and that is why Romania has lost. There are sensitive domains too and I’ll exemplify — Tourism Ministry. We all say we have a great tourist potential, and yet tourism was thrown from one ministry to another,” said Dragnea.

The PSD president also said he talked with business persons during the electoral campaign whom he told that from his point of view the relation between the state and the business persons should be completely changed.

“And for this, certain things should happen: the state must not be that aggressive with the companies, with the business persons. We shall also introduce the prevention law, from the very first quarter so that no business person will receive a punitive measure with no prevention measure afore. Because we all must understand that the largest amount of the incomes to the state budget is brought by the business persons. Should we have a state to chase them, to punish them, to close their companies, to send them to jail or should we think how to help them, to amend the legal framework so that we could help them develop their businesses? And, secondly the business persons must have a ministry of their own, to communicate with them and be the turntable in the relation with the business milieu and the other ministries.And this is why we have decided to establish the Ministry of the SMEs, business milieu and entrepreneurship,” he explained. More…