Prosecutors detain all three associates of Colectiv Club

Prosecutors detain all three associates of Colectiv Club

The General Prosecutor’s Office detained on Monday night all the three associates of the Colectiv Club of Bucharest.

Costin Mincu was the last to be taken in handcuffs to the Bucharest Police detention facility, after nine hours of hearings by the prosecutors. The other two owners of the club, Alin Anastasescu and Paul Gancea were detained earlier in the evening. All three are charged with multiple manslaughter and involuntary injuries, following the fire that burned down their club on Friday night.

The three should be taken to court within 24 hours, for a possible decision to place them under preventive arrest for a maximum of 30 days.

The fire casualties include 27 people who died on the spot, either inside the club or immediately after being rescued; the death toll reached 31 after four more victims died through Monday in Bucharest’s hospitals, where more than 130 wounded are under treatment, some of them in a critical condition.

A release of the General Prosecutor’s Office (PG, usual name of the Prosecutors Body of the High Court of Cassation and Justice, Romania’s Supreme Court) informed AGERPRES on Monday night that the Bucharest Tribunal prosecutors ordered an investigation on October 31, for first degree murder and aggravated damages, to establish the circumstances after being informed about the fire. The PG took over the case early on November 1. Investigations so far showed that the managers of the club encouraged and allowed the access of much more people than the club’s authorized limit, although the emergency evacuation exits were insufficient; they also allowed fireworks at the indoors show, in inadequate premises with flammable materials (soundproofing and decorations) installed illegally, in order to avoid additional costs. As a result, several people present in the club died or suffered bodily injuries. More…