Prishtina is running to be declared “European City of Sport” for 2024

The capital of Kosovo, Prishtina has also officially applied to be announced as the “European City of Sport” for 2024.

The evaluation commission, ACES Europe, stayed for two days in Prishtina, where it inspected and evaluated the situation regarding the sports infrastructure, and the main goal of this candidacy is that all sports activities that take place next year in Prishtina to be promoted to other European countries.

On this occasion, the Mayor of the Municipality of Prishtina, Përparim Rama, said that this application is not only for a prestigious title, but also to prove that Prishtina is a country with a wide range of sports.

Meanwhile, the member of this evaluation commission from Europe, Hugo Alonso, expressed himself very convinced and even impressed with the sports profile he saw in Prishtina and said that it deserves to win the title “Prishtina European city of sports”.

Whereas the director of the Directorate for Sports in the Municipality of Prishtina, Granit Rugova emphasized that the biggest benefits if Prishtina wins this title, will be the promotion of sports events in the international arena.

Otherwise, as far as international organizations are concerned, Kosovo has also won the right to organize the 2030 Mediterranean Games.