President remains committed to finding a Cyprus solution

President remains committed to finding a Cyprus solution

President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades remains strongly committed to working tirelessly to overcome challenges and to reach a settlement of the Cyprus problem.

In his address at the ‘Stelios Bi-communal Business Awards’ 2015, President Anastasiades stressed that “the impressive outreach and success of these awards should come as no surprise: Greek and Turkish Cypriots collaborated and co-created successfully for decades, proving that their common denominator, their Cypriot identity, and their common desire to prosper together, are strong and lingering”.

“My presence here today sends a clear message that the Republic of Cyprus remains sincerely committed in supporting such bi-communal initiatives, which can support our efforts on the negotiating table, aimed at finding a comprehensive settlement that will end the unacceptable status quo and reunite the country and its people”, he added.

He also assured that the Government and he personally “will spare no efforts in offering any assistance deemed necessary to further their objectives”.

President said that “the significant benefits associated with Greek and Turkish Cypriots working together, will be greatly amplified once a settlement to the Cyprus problem is reached, not only as regards the economy, but particularly in fulfilling the aspiration of our people to live peacefully and create together once again, in a European country that offers them an environment of peace, stability and of economic growth”.

Referring to the new round of negotiations for a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem, he said that “while there is certainly an improved climate and some progress has been achieved, significant challenges remain in important aspects of the Cyprus problem. I would like to assure all Cypriots, Greek and Turkish, that I remain strongly committed to working tirelessly to overcome challenges and to reach a settlement of the Cyprus problem”.

He noted that “the positive climate must be maintained, and this requires self-restraint from all sides and the avoidance of public negative statements. At the same time the climate must be reinforced with tangible progress on the negotiating table”.

He reiterated that to end the unacceptable status quo and the anachronistic division of our country, “we should demonstrate in a concrete manner resolve and commitment, negotiate in good faith, good will and in a sincere manner, so as to reach a settlement on the agreed basis of the relevant Security Council Resolutions, the High Level Agreements of 1977 and 1979, the Agreement of 8 July 2006 and the Joint Declaration of 11 February 2014”.

President expressed his deep belief and personal vision that “a viable solution to the Cyprus problem, on the agreed basis and in line with European law, values and principles, is the sole means for our country and its people to reach their full potential and prosper in a modern, secure European state that safeguards their fundamental freedoms and human rights”.

“I am adamant in my conviction that the EU constitutes the best safeguard and guarantee of human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Cypriots. The European Union, which since 2004 is the common house of all Cypriots; let us also not forget that it is a Union that played a catalytic role in healing the wounds of a war-torn Europe and in creating the conditions for peaceful co-existence and prosperity”, President concluded.