President: Necessary to strengthen cooperation between Europe and Asia

President: Necessary to strengthen cooperation between Europe and Asia

The President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades has pointed out the need for more cooperation, mutual understanding and development between the countries of Europe and Asia, noting that the initiative “One Belt – One Road” was a step in that direction.

In an intervention at the meeting between President of China Xi Jinping and heads of states and governments attending the International Conference of Asian Political Parties on Silk Road, President Anastasiades, speaking on behalf of the foreign participants, said this initiative establishes a new framework for cooperation and development, and sets the ground for stability, peace and prosperity, and cooperation in the trade and economic field.

He also expressed gratitude to the President of China for the meeting and congratulations on his initiative to revive the Silk Road, which existed and prospered more than two thousand years ago, in the context of the One Belt – One Road initiative, promoting cooperation between Europe and Asia.

“I feel deeply honored to be here with you today, as the only European head of state among the many friendly dignitaries from Asia and Oceania. Cyprus, Europe’s south-most eastern corner, a country at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, historically has always had strong bonds with Asian countries, and shares a long-standing deep friendship with the People’s Republic of China”, he said.

He added that “today, with our presence here, we acknowledge that the values of the ancient Silk Road are still contemporary, and can play a leading role in paving the way for a better future for our peoples”, and noted that “we share the same vision based on our common values, and we welcome this Initiative for establishing the One Belt-One Road”.

“Today, perhaps more than any other time in the past, we need to strive together for more cooperation, more mutual understanding and more development. This initiative of yours Mr. President, is certainly a step in that direction”, President Anastasiades concluded.