President calls for unity to free Cyprus from Turkish occupation

President calls for unity to free Cyprus from Turkish occupation

President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has called for unity, saying that when Cypriots join forces they can create those conditions necessary for a peaceful solution of the Cyprus problem.

In a message to mark 48 years since the 1967 coup which brought to power a military junta in Greece, the Cypriot President said that a just, peaceful and viable solution must be reached, that would free Cyprus from foreign troops and reunite the people, the institutions and the economy of the country.

Referring to today`s anniversary, he said that the result of the seven-year dictatorship in Greece was the coup d`etat against Cyprus which opened the gate to Turkey to invade in the summer of 1974.

History, he said, “calls on us all to draw lessons, one of which is the respect of democratic values and principles.”

The coup d`etat on 15 July 1974 in Cyprus against President, Archbishop Makarios III, opened the floodgates to Turkey, which invaded and continues to occupy 37% of the territory of the island, he added.

The Republic of Cyprus, a full EU member state since 2004, has been divided since the 1974 Turkish invasion. Repeated UN-backed rounds of peace talks have yet to yield results to reunite the country under a federal roof. Turkey, whose troops occupy Cyprus refuses to withdraw despite calls from numerous UN/EU and other international fora.