President Anastasiades notes Cyprus – UK “special relation”, after Britain’s vote to leave EU

President Anastasiades notes Cyprus – UK “special relation”, after Britain’s vote to leave EU

The Government of Cyprus respects the result of the British referendum, President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades said on Friday, after UK`s referendum decision to quit the European Union.

Anastasiades noted that Cyprus has a “special relationship” with Britain in the framework of the Commonwealth and that Cyprus has significantly deepen its relations with the UK.

The President said there was no reason to panic, adding that the member states of the EU will form their policy all together during the forthcoming EU Summit.

“We respect the result since it represents a popular mandate or decision” the President told the press.

“Secondly, we should not start panicking, we have some special relations with Britain through the Commonwealth” he noted.

Anastasiades said there is a procedure to be followed as regards Britain`s exit from the EU which gives enough time for consultations on Britain`s relations with the EU after leaving the Union. “I will let the dialogue in the European Council to develop, always keeping in mind the best interests of Europe and of each Member State” he said.

“No one wants to maximize the problems, therefore what is required is respect on one hand, and calm, on the other” he added.

“We have already deepened significantly our relations with the United Kingdom” the President stressed.

“We are at the beginning of a long process whose aim should be the United Kingdom`s smooth exit from the EU. The result of this process will determine the evolution of UK`s relationship with the EU. At the same time, the EU of 27 member states will continue to exist and the Republic of Cyprus underlines its full commitment to the European project” Government Spokesman Nikos Christodoulides said in a written statement.

The Spokesman noted that “the Republic of Cyprus will work towards further strengthening and deepening its relations with the United Kingdom”.

“We look forward to strengthening our existing close cooperation in order, among other things, to fully safeguard the interests of both countries and their peoples on the basis of the new developments” he said.