President Anastasiades: I will not tolerate partners who undermine the existence of the Republic of Cyprus

President Anastasiades: I will not tolerate partners who undermine the existence of the Republic of Cyprus

President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades said that Ankara`s positions for a resumption of the talks not only do not satisfy us but create more problems.

He told journalists after a cabinet meeting, the first he chaired following his return to Cyprus from New York where he underwent open heart surgery earlier December at Mount Sinai Hospital, that he will not tolerate partners who undermine the existence of the Republic of Cyprus.

“I would like to make clear that I will never tolerate partners to a state which are not active but instead make threats with new plans,” he remarked.

Decisions, he added, should be taken on the basis of our interest and not the interests of third parties.

President Anastasiades said Nicosia`s positions are clear as well as the reservations and rights of the Republic of Cyprus.

Equally understandable are the diplomatic excuses and efforts by some countries to avoid a public confrontation with Turkey due to the high interests they invest in it either because of the war against the Islamic State or because it is a large market and their interests are served, he added.

The President said that what is significant is our decisions should be governed by the interests of Cyprus and not what third parties indicate.

Furthermore, the President said the government needs to do what is expected from the people. “Through collective dialogue, to take wiser decisions to protect Cypriot Hellenism and not to allow the creation of fait accompli against Cypriot Hellenism.

“The determination and desire of Cypriot Hellenism for an end to the occupation and division of Cyprus is very well known. However it should end the problem and not be the onset of new adventures”, he remarked.

The President underwent heart surgery on the 2nd of December. Cardiac surgeon David Adams, who performed the operation, said that the health problems which Anastasiades faced have been fully addressed and that the President is ready to return to his duties.

President Anastasiades decided to suspend his participation in settlement talks, following Turkey`s provocative acts in the island`s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Turkish seismic exploration vessel Barbaros entered Cyprus` EEZ in October, a few days after Turkey had issued an illegal maritime order (NAVTEX) for the area.

In another note, President Anastasiades said he is ready and determined to begin a dialogue with the island`s political forces to form a government consensus or wider acceptance government

He told reporters that the problems the island is facing cannot be handled by one person alone or with negativity and that we have to understand that our priority should not be personal gains but the interest of the country and the people as a whole.

He also assured that he is not determined to serve the interests or aspirations of any political party.

“With a high sense of responsibility for the multiple challenges we have ahead in the next three years, I have returned and I am ready and determined to extensively discuss with all political parties, to hear and offer suggestions to see whether it is possible through dialogue and a consensus to form a government which will be either a consensus or wider acceptance government”, the President said.

President Anastasiades added that apart from the Turkish provocations, the national problem, the energy issue and the economy, “there are many issues that the people deal with” and these issues should determine our political choices”.

President Anastasiades said he will continue the policy of zero tolerance and reinforcing efforts to combat corruption and put an end to non-punishment.

He remarked that his government was the first to uncover and prosecute politicians and personalities who thought they could remain unpunished.

This policy, he assured, will continue and urged those who have evidence to inform the Police.

Regarding changes he intends to announce at the Presidential Palace, President Anastasiades said that he has already prepared a complete plan which is based on how bureaus of leaders and governments of developed countries work.

“During the last 22 months of our administration, there have been not only positive developments but also negative ones and I fully undertake the responsibility”, he concluded.