President Anastasiades has made a perfect recovery, Dr. Adams says

President Anastasiades has made a perfect recovery, Dr. Adams says

The President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades has made perfect recovery after the heart surgery, the cardiac surgeon David Adams, who performed the operation on December 2, has said. President Anastasiades was discharged from Mount Sinai hospital in New York on Sunday.

“The President has made a 100% recovery. We are very excited that he’s done perfectly after the operation, his heart function is strong and normal, the valves work completely normally now, and his rhythm is normal, so form a cardiovascular stand point, from a patient stand point he’s made perfect recovery and he is leaving the hospital shortly. We are very excited for him and it was a great honor to help take care of him”, Dr Adams said.

President Anastasiades thanked Dr Adams and his team. “Thanks to you and thanks to your team I feel great. I am grateful for the great job you have done”, he said.

“I am sure that in the coming weeks, this will be just a memory, sometime that happened in New York, I have had the chance to visit Mount Sinai clinic. I am so happy and proud to have met such a distinguished medical team which, as I have said before, we shall see how we can use their expertise to our advantage for Cyprus as well”, the President said.

Dr. Adams said that it was a great honor for the hospital to meet President Anastasiades and his family. Asked when President Anastasiades will be fully capable of performing fully his duties, Dr Adams said he can fully perform his duties right now. However, he added that it would be better for President to take another week off.

“He is going to recover a little and walk around the city and enjoy New York for a few days and we are going to see him mid week and he is planning to return to Cyprus next weekend. And he is really ahead of schedule in terms of recovery. He is doing perfect and like every heart patient we tell him to take 3 or 4 weeks with your family as he is really ahead of a schedule. So he is making great progress,” the doctor added.