Population census, this is what benefits the economy of Kosovo

The population census that began this month in Kosovo is a process of counting all residents and collecting demographic, economic, social, educational, agricultural, and other information for each person. Leaders of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics and experts in the economy say that the country needs genuine evidence of citizens and from this population census they expect to see an improvement in the economic aspect in the country, the drafting of more effective investment policies and also the realization of citizens’ rights.

Acting chief executive at the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Avni Kastrati, tells KosovaPress that all individuals and institutions benefit from the population census, and many important indicators for the entire territory of the country are also collected.

Kastrati, while calling on all citizens to register, added that from this population census the data will be fresher and will help the institutions in various aspects.

“Everyone benefits from the population census, including individuals, institutions, and Kosovo, because at the same time many indicators are collected for the entire territory of the country and at the smallest possible level. In Kosovo, the lowest organizational level is settlements. If there is a project, or forecast, a donation for a completely small settlement, the data is fresh and complete. Therefore, the population census is very important for every institution… It is a scan of the situation, in terms of socio-economics, such as living conditions, housing, unemployment, poverty, health, issues of population movement during the day, what are they served with. So, there are many questions, and some of them about agriculture”, said Kastrati.

The economic expert, Besnik Avdija, also says that the population census is important and improves the country’s economy. According to him, this also helps foreign investors to design more effective policies in terms of investments and long-term planning in the country.

On the other hand, the university professor, Mazllum Baraliu says that the country has lacked genuine evidence of citizens, while adding that the refusal of someone not to register brings only harm and no benefit.

The population census started on April 5 and is expected to last until May 17 across the country.

In the population census, a questionnaire will also be included, which enables the citizens to declare also about the damages caused to them during the last war in Kosovo.

Meanwhile, the last population census in Kosovo was 13 years ago, in 2011.