Police carry out search on group stealing goods from lorries

Police carry out search on group stealing goods from lorries

The policemen in the southern Ilfov county and of the Romanian Police’s General Inspectorate are carrying out searches on Monday in Bucharest and the counties of Ilfov, Ialomita, Arges and Prahova and act on arrest warrants issued for persons suspected of having committed theft from vehicles and robbery.

“The suspects, 10 men aged between 18 and 42 have allegedly committed theft of goods carried by lorries while the vehicles were running on their respective transport routes, by tearing the seals and cutting the tarpaulin as well as theft from cars by punching the tyres”, the General Inspectorate said in a release to AGERPRES.

In the case of theft from lorries, the persons are suspected to have driven in front or behind the targeted lorry and one of the persons allegedly climbed on the car cover and then up to the lorry and stole the goods.

As for the theft from motor cars, the perpetrators allegedly punched the car tyres, taking advantage of their slowing down when in traffic, and when the driver stopped to repair the damage, they took possessions from the vehicle.

In some instances, the police say, the suspects used violence against the victims to get away. More…