Police and prosecution urged to investigate threats received by female journalists

The Media Trade Union (SMCG) strongly condemns the rape threats received by female journalists of several media outlets, and urged upon the police and the prosecution to take this case seriously and investigate it as soon as possible.

SMCG stated that the threats received by Danica Nikolic, Tamara Nikcevic, Bojana Dabovic, Mirka Devic and Slavica Kruscic Vasovic are serious and problematic at several levels.

“Because these are the journalists, women, who received rape threats, which is the first such a mass threat that has been publicly revealed”, said SMCG.

They said that the competent authorities must urgently react in order to stop this occurrence and adequately punish the perpetrator.

SMCG stated that, in the database of the attacks on journalists and media employees, which SMCG keeps on the website www.safejournalists.net, this will be the 16th case this year.