PM Rama posts images of citrus groves in Xarrë, southernmost Albania

The village of Xarrë in Konispol region, southernmost Albania just off the UNESCO World Heritage site of Butrint, is a leading citrus producer in Albania, with hundreds of hectares of land planted with mandarin, orange and lemon trees.
The first private-run collective farm created in Xarrë is a rare example in Albania’s fragmented and individually-run farms and is famous all over the country for producing large quantities of mandarins, meeting domestic consumption needs and expanding its exports map to regional markets.
Prime Minister Edi Rama shared Monday images showing citrus groves in the village of Xarrë, Konispol, a leading producer of citrus fruit.
Citrus production in Albania is primarily represented by mandarin cultivation in the southern Albanian region of Saranda, where the mandarin cooperative has turned into a success story in Albania’s agriculture sector.
The mandarin and citrus groves in Konispol have become a leading investment model for Albanian agriculture, creating jobs for local residents, as well as for workers from the adjacent areas.
This region has significant citrus production which is mainly exported to countries in the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe.