PM-designate Ciolos: Romania has a lot to catch up with under 2007-2013 financial framework

PM-designate Ciolos: Romania has a lot to catch up with under 2007-2013 financial framework

Romania has a lot to catch up with in terms of European funds in the 2007-2013 financial framework which we try to rectify if possible, Prime Minister-designate Dacian Ciolos told a plenary session of Parliament where he asked for Parliament’s vote of confidence in his Cabinet.

“As far as European funds are concerned, Romania still has a lot to catch up with in terms of the 2007-2013 financial framework that we try to rectify if possible. Romania still has 30 percent of the previous allocation to take up. We will not be able to work miracles to avoid full disengagement, but we will try to finalise the implementation of as many major projects as possible, particularly those on a high budget. Also this year, we will have to start off as soon as possible the implementation of the new budget of structural funds granted to Romania under the 2014-2020 financial framework. A major challenge of that will be meeting the benchmarks pledged by Romania in its partnership agreement with the EU. And I mean here the cadastre, public procurement, public administration reform and healthcare reform,” said Ciolos.

He mentioned the European expertise of the Cabinet he nominated, saying that the expertise will be visible especially in the simplification and increase in the absorption of European funds.

Ciolos also talked about eliminating “unproductive and inefficient costs,” especially of some Government-run national corporations.

The PM-designate underscored the importance of a functional healthcare system, of a solid educational system, of tolerance and culture in the society. He said his Cabinet wants to redefine the role of the Government and medical staff and reducing medical staff migration abroad.

He mentioned that the Cabinet he nominated wants to secure transparency in the decision-making process and the participation of all those interested in the drawing up of public policies. The same openness and transparency, he added, will be followed in the relationships with the political class and Parliament.

He pointed out that justice independence and the fight against corruption make up a special chapter in his government programme.

Another fundamental of the Ciolos Cabinet would be continuing support for economic growth, with emphasis on the importance of macroeconomic stability and a balanced budget. According to Ciolos, Romania has already deployed major efforts to resume its sustainable economic growth in the post-crisis time.

“These efforts should not be in vain. We will support the resumption of sustainable economic growth and stability for the public finances in order to create an investment-friendly environment,” added Ciolos.

He mentioned that the draft government programme was ready is some days without benefiting from any pre-set programmatic platforms, as is the case with political parties. More…