PM Ciolos: We hope to get Turkey’s commitment to readmission agreement being implemented

PM Ciolos: We hope to get Turkey’s commitment to readmission agreement being implemented

AGERPRES special correspondent Doroteea Purcarea reports: Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said Monday, before a working lunch in Brussels of the EU heads of state or government and Turkey, he hopes Turkey will implement the readmission agreement, which is seen as essential to halting the migration flow.

“This is an informal summit meeting, yet very useful because it will allow us to have a discussion with Turkey on certain commitments made by Turkey and that are essential to the management of the migration flow. As far as I understand, there is also an agreement on NATO’s involvement in that area, which is important to keep the migrants in Turkey’s area, and hopefully we will have Turkey’s commitment as well to the readmission treaty being implemented, because the document is important to halting the migration flow,” Ciolos said at the headquarters of the European Council.

On Friday, three days before an EU-Turkey summit meeting on the migration crisis, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu mentioned the possibility of asylum seekers coming from other countries than Syria being readmitted, according to the AFP French news agency.

AFP quoted Cavasoglu as telling a joint news conference with his Greek counterpart Nikos Kotzias that Turkey started considering the possibility for readmission of asylum seekers from Morocco, Pakistan and Afghanistan; Turkey, he added, already has readmission agreements with Greece, Bulgaria and other countries and is preparing to sign more with other countries.

Ciolos is scheduled on Monday to attend an informal meeting of the Council of European Union in Brussels.

The Romanian Government reports that the meeting is designed to occasion an exchange of opinions on the outcomes of talks with Turkey as well as on the latest developments in migration management, for instance assessing the implementation of the conclusions of a European summit meeting this February. More…