PM Ciolos to attend ASEM Summit in Ulan Bator

PM Ciolos to attend ASEM Summit in Ulan Bator

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos will be attending, Friday and Saturday, the 11th ASEM Summit in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

In a press statement released on Thursday, the Romanian Government says that this year’s ASEM Summit’s edition marks 20 years of political dialogue between Europe and Asia at an important event to the economic and political relations between European and Asian countries.

“As well as having a symbolic significance, the summit is designed to take stock of 20 years of actions and adopt guidelines for future cooperation between Europe and Asia. The main theme of the summit is 20 years of ASEM, a partnership for the future thorough connectivity, with the Romanian prime minister to deliver a speech related to the theme. The summit talks are aimed at consolidating three ASEM cooperation levels: securing world’s peace and stability; economic growth; increasing contacts between Asian and European societies,” reads the statement.

The attending political leaders will “discuss global affairs such as climate change, sustainable development and world trade, disaster risk reduction and management, energy and food security, water management.”

“The summit meeting in Mongolia is a new opportunity for Romania to reaffirm its position of a traditional partner to Asian countries, as well as the wish to further political and economic ties with them,” the statement adds.

Asia — Europe Meeting (ASEM) is a multilateral forum for dialogue and cooperation between Europe (the 28 European Union member states plus Norway and Switzerland) and Asia-Pacific (ASEAN, four EU strategic partners — China, India, Japan and South Korea — as well as the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Mongolia). More…