PM Ciolos in Brussels: Romania wants to undertake more proactively its EU membership

PM Ciolos in Brussels: Romania wants to undertake more proactively its EU membership

On the second day of a visit to Brussels, Romania’s Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Tuesday met President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, with Ciolos reasserting that Romania wants to undertake more proactively its membership of the European Union and get actively involved in European files.

“Besides the 2016 priorities of the Government, including holding local and general elections and actual reform projects, Ciolos introduced the opinion of his Cabinet on the renegotiation of UK’s EU membership,” the Government says in a press statement.

The Government says at the end of his visit with Schultz, Ciolos signed the European Parliament’s distinguished guestbook, as this was the PM’s first visit to the headquarters of the European Parliament since taking over office.

“I believe the idea of lifting the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism on Romania was understood here in Brussels, that we have our own mechanisms and are mature enough to continue the fight against corruption and to consolidate all the achievements so far,” Ciolos is quoted as saying, mentioning at the end of the visit the positive signals that came from Brussels.

On the other hand, Ciolos explained how Romania wants to back up Moldova’s reforms, what the conditions are for its granting the support in conjunction with the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and that he wants the assistance to go straightly to the citizens.

The statement also says that in the same line of supporting Romania’s pro-active part at the European Union level, Ciolos discussed with Romanian MEPs to whom he suggested a mechanism for joint work on major European themes that will allow for a periodic exchange of opinions between them.

Ciolos also met leader of the Socialists and Democrats MEP group Gianni Pittella and leader of the European People’s Party MEP group Martin Weber. More…