Peleshi: “Butrinti” ship, part of rescue operation of 52 emigrants from Sudan and Yemen

TIRANA, July 19/ATA/ The Albanian “Butrinti” ship joined the rescue Greek-Turkish operation for 52 immigrants from Sudan and Yemen who found themselves at risk in a dinghy boat by the Turkish coast.
Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi shared photos from this operation and wrote that this is “another success story of our servicemen in the “Butrinti” ship.
“52 emigrants from Sudan and Yemen were rescued from a dinghy boat at risk on the Turkish coast, thanks to the cooperation between the Greek and Turkish Coast Guards”, he emphasized.
“This successful operation shows the significance of cooperation and coordination between countries in the fight against illegal immigration and human trafficking,” said Peleshi.
“Proud of our servicemen, part of the SNMG2 TU 01 mission, who continue to do an extraordinary job and be the best example of dedication and sacrifice”, underlined Peleshi. /p.s./